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AED Cabinet Dimensions for Every Defibrillator

AED Cabinet Dimensions for Every Defibrillator

AED Cabinet Dimensions for Every Defibrillator

A good AED cabinet protects and preserves your automated external defibrillator while ensuring that the device remains in one central location. If you’re thinking of investing in one of these cases, it’s important to get the AED cabinet dimensions right, as the sizes aren’t always universal.

It’s also important to understand which features are available, as not all cabinets provide the same functions. For instance, some cabinets have built-in alarms and emergency strobe lights, while others simply serve as housing units for the defibrillator. This resource contains complete information about most of the major AED cabinets on the market, including dimensions, features, and compatible defibrillators.

Universal AED Cabinet Dimensions

A universal cabinet is usually your best bet for AED housing. We especially recommend Cubix cabinets because they’re affordable, versatile, and made from premium materials that offer maximum protection for your device. Before buying, just make sure to review the dimensions and ensure that you’re ordering a cabinet that’s sized for your AED.

Cubix Safety Premium Large AED Cabinet – 17″H x 15″W x 7.75″D

This large cabinet is made from cold-rolled steel with a high-gloss finish and features a keyed alarm and large window for total visibility. It’s recommended for Zoll, Physio-Control, and Cardiac Science defibrillators.

Cubix Safety Premium Compact AED Cabinet – 14″H x 11.6″W x 6″D

Like the Cubix Safety Premium Large AED Cabinet, this one is made from cold-rolled steel and features a keyed alarm and large window. This compact model is recommended for Philips, Heartsine, and Defibtech devices.

Semi-Recessed AED Cabinet – 17.5″H x 17.5″W x 6″D

This universal cabinet has a built-in alarm and is designed to accommodate defibrillators from all major manufacturers.

Outdoor AED Cabinet – 14.5″H x 12″W x 6″D

This waterproof outdoor cabinet is designed for all major AED models and includes an extra-large window so you can see the status of your defibrillator at all times. It mounts easily to wood, concrete, and other surfaces.

Fully Recessed AED Cabinet – 17.5″H x 17.5″W x 6″D

This recessed cabinet fits all major defibrillators and features a built-in alarm with the ability to connect to a central security system.

Manufacturer Cabinets

The major AED manufacturers—like ZOLL, Philips, and Defibtech—offer their own model-specific cabinets as well. Because these cabinets are tailored to fit specific AEDs, you never have to worry about the fit. However, because cabinets aren’t a prime concern of AED manufacturers, these products tend to be higher in price and of the same or lower quality than the universal models. Quite often, the manufacturer cabinets are designed by the same companies that make the universal cabinets and then sold at a higher price. That’s why we recommend skipping the manufacturer models and going with the universal Cubix cabinets noted above.

Still, if you’re looking for a brand-specific cabinet to house your automated external defibrillator, there are a number of options available.

Cardiac Science AED Cabinet Dimensions

Cardiac Science Standard AED Cabinet – 17.375″H x 17.25″W x 6.875″D

With its audible alarm and strobe light, the Cardiac Science Standard AED Cabinet is the recommended housing unit for all Cardiac Science automated external defibrillators, including the following:

Defibtech AED Cabinet Dimensions

Defibtech Surface Mount AED Cabinet – 17.875″H x 17.875″W x 3.875″D

This sturdy metal wall-mount cabinet is designed to accommodate the Defibtech Lifeline series. It includes an audible alarm and is clearly labeled for emergency use. Use it for:

HeartSine AED Cabinet Dimensions

HeartSine® Samaritan® AED Cabinet – 12″H x 11″W x 5″D

This compact cabinet is designed specifically for the HeartSine Samaritan PAD series and contains an optional alarm that sounds when the door opens. It will work with the following models:

Philips AED Cabinet Dimensions

Philips AED Cabinet (Standard Size Surface-Mount) – 20.875″H x 15.875″W x 5.375″D

Featuring a door-activated alarm and strobe lights, this cabinet is designed to house any Philips HeartStart AED, including:

Philips Semi-Recessed Mount AED Cabinet – 21.875″H x 13.875″W x 5.625″D

This is a semi-recessed version of the standard Philips AED Cabinet, complete with audible alarm and strobe lights. It protrudes slightly from the wall for a finished look and is suitable for the following AEDs:

  • Philips Forerunner
  • Philips OnSite
  • Philips FR2
  • Philips FR2+
  • Philips FRx
  • Philips FR3

Philips Surface Mount AED Cabinet – 13.375″H x 16.375″W x 5.375″D

This is a surface-mount AED cabinet similar to the Philips AED Cabinet (Standard Size Surface-Mount). It contains an audible alarm but no strobe lights, and it has a horizontal rather than vertical construction. Like the other Philips cabinets, it’s suitable for:

  • Philips Forerunner
  • Philips OnSite
  • Philips FR2
  • Philips FR2+
  • Philips FRx
  • Philips FR3

Physio-Control AED Cabinet Dimensions

Physio-Control Surface Mount AED Cabinet – 17.125″H x 17.125″W x 6.125″D

This stainless-steel, surface-mounted cabinet features a strobe light and audible alarm and is designed for the following defibrillators:

  • LIFEPAK 500
  • LIFEPAK 1000

Physio-Control Surface Mount Stainless Steel AED Cabinet – 17.125″H x 17.125″W x 6.125″D

This cabinet includes all the features of the Physio-Control Surface Mount Cabinet but with a more rugged stainless-steel construction. It’s designed for the following defibrillators:

  • LIFEPAK 500
  • LIFEPAK 1000

ZOLL AED Cabinet Dimensions

ZOLL® AED Plus® Standard Stainless Steel AED Cabinet – 17.375″H x 17.25″W x 6.875″D

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this cabinet is designed to house the ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator.

ZOLL® AED Plus® Deep Stainless Steel AED Cabinet – 17.5″H x 17.5″W x 9″D

Also designed for the ZOLL AED Plus, this premium cabinet offers extra height, width, and depth for defibrillators with large carry cases or external accessories.

Choosing an AED Cabinet

An AED cabinet is essential for many reasons: it allows you to have a central location for your device, it makes it easy (in many cases) to signal for help in an emergency, and it provides the kind of protection that a portable case cannot.

You have a lot of options available when choosing a cabinet for your automated external defibrillator. As long as you know your dimensions ahead of time and understand what features are important to you, you should have no trouble choosing a suitable model. The important thing is that you make your AED display an essential component of your emergency preparedness plan.

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