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Compact AED Cabinet Non-Alarmed
Compact AED Cabinet with Alarm
Compact AED Cabinet with Alarm and Strobe
Large AED Cabinet Non-Alarmed
Large AED Cabinet with Alarm
Large AED Cabinet with Alarm and Strobe
Large AED Kit Cabinet
Semi Recessed AED Cabinet
Outdoor AED Cabinet
Cardiac Science Standard AED Cabinet
Premium Compact AED Cabinet with Alarm
Premium Large AED Cabinet
Philips Surface Mount AED Cabinet
Philips Semi-Recessed Mount AED Cabinet
Philips AED Cabinet (Standard Size Surface-Mount)
Physio-Control Surface Mount Stainless Steel AED Cabinet
HeartSine® samaritan® AED Cabinet
Physio-Control Surface Mount AED Cabinet
Fully Recessed AED Cabinet
We carry every type of AED cabinet required to house any automated external defibrillator device. Choose from both brand-specific and universal models, and compare the features that are most important for your needs. At AED Leader, we have the guaranteed lowest prices on top models, and we offer superior customer service that you can rely on.

AED Cabinet Features

Each AED cabinet is made from premium materials like cold-rolled steel and high-grade stainless steel. They’re designed to easily mount to a variety of surfaces, including wood, drywall, and even concrete. We offer surface-mount, recessed-mount, and semi-recessed options to suit your needs. Each cabinet offers its own selection of features, including:
  • Maximum visibility: Most AED cabinets (sometimes referred to as an AED box) include a large front window, so the device and readiness indicator is clearly visible to bystanders. You can always see at a glance if your defibrillation device is emergency-ready or requires your attention.
  • Emergency alerts: Many of these cabinets will sound an audible alarm and emit pulsing strobe lights when the door opens, notifying others nearby of a potential emergency. Some models can even be connected to a central security system for more advanced alerts.
  • Weatherproof construction: In addition to conventional cabinets, AED Leader offers an outdoor AED cabinet that protects your device from extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • Room for accessories: Some AED cabinets are designed to house not only the device itself but also important accessories like pads, spare batteries, and first-aid essentials or Bleeding Control kits.

Buy the Right Wall Mounted AED Cabinet Size

Check out AED cabinet dimensions guide to pick the best cabinet for your AED device based on its size (height, width, and depth).

Our Cabinets Are Available In Value Packages

If you’re looking to purchase a defibrillator and cabinet together, we recommend buying an AED package. For just a few dollars more than the defibrillator itself, you can get the AED device, a full-sized cabinet, a case, signage, and other life-saving essentials. We offer value packages for a full range of trusted AED models, all from industry leaders like Philips, ZOLL, Defibtech, and HeartSine. Each package includes free delivery and is protected by our one-year low-price guarantee.

Order the Best Defibrillator Cabinet

For over a decade, AED Leader has been a trusted authority for automated external defibrillators and accessories. Browse cabinets (sometimes referred to as an AED box) from all six FDA-approved AED manufacturers—or find a universal cabinet with all the features you need. We offer rapid nationwide shipping, and all products are shipped direct from our warehouse. We even offer free delivery on all orders over $99. Browse our full selection of AED cabinets, and order yours today.