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Cardiac Science Value Packages

With over half a million units installed in nearly 100 countries, Cardiac Science is an undisputed world leader in AED technologies. AED Leader is an authorized Cardiac Science distributor, and we carry a selection of value packages that bundle the company’s top AEDs with all of the necessary accessories. Save hundreds of dollars when you purchase the unit and essential components together.

What You Get With a Cardiac Science Value Package

The battery and pads come pre-installed in the AED. In addition, each value package includes a carry case that enables the user to protect and transport the unit. A wall cabinet allows the AED to be securely stored in one central location.

Additional accessories include a wall poster, 3-way wall sign, window decal, inspection card, and first responder kit. Best of all, every Cardiac Science defibrillator is protected by a 7-year warranty.

Choosing a Cardiac Science Value Package

AED Leader carries value packages for all of the top Cardiac Science AEDs. The G3 Plus is an affordable choice that’s easy to use. It features RescueCoach technology, which guides the user through CPR and shock delivery. In a University of Pennsylvania study, the G3 Plus helped untrained adults to deliver CPR in a manner similar to that of trained professionals.

If ease of use is your most important buying factor, the Powerheart G5 is your best choice. It’s the first FDA-approved automated external defibrillator to feature fully automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, and rapid shock times. The device also has dual-language functionality, making it perfect for bilingual environments.

For rescue professionals, the Powerheart AED G3 Pro is second to none. This semi-automatic defibrillator features 3-lead ECG monitoring via a full-color display and a built-in metronome to set the pace of compressions.

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