Defibtech AED Packages

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Defibtech AED Packages

Defibtech is a trusted AED authority with more than 375,000 units currently active. The company offers some of the most cutting-edge defibrillator technologies available, and AED Leader is pleased to be an authorized distributor.

In addition to offering these industry-leading units on their own, we also carry a selection of value packages for models like the Defibtech Lifeline, Lifeline ECG/PRO, and Lifeline VIEW. Each value package includes the AED plus more than a dozen valuable accessories, giving you everything you need to save lives and maintain your AED—all for one low price.

Accessories Included in Our Defibtech AED Packages

Each Defibtech Lifeline AED value package includes the following:

  • The complete AED with pre-installed battery and defibrillation pads
  • A carrying case for quick, safe, and easy transport in an emergency
  • A wall cabinet to secure your AED when it’s not in use
  • A complete set of signage: 3-way sign, wall poster, inspection card, and window decal
  • A first responder kit with gloves, shears, wipes, protective mask, and more
  • An invitation to Club AED; get reminded when it’s time to replace your battery and pads
  • A warranty to protect your investment

The accessories alone are valued at more than $300, but our typical value package only costs $20 to $50 more than the unit by itself.

Choosing a Defibtech Value Package

The standard Defibtech Lifeline AED Value Package is our most cost-effective option. The unit weighs just 4.2 pounds and offers easy-to-follow voice and visual prompts in an emergency. Like other Lifeline models, this one offers Defibtech’s state-of-the-art biphasic defibrillation technology, which specifically targets ventricular fibrillation. This increases the likelihood that a patient will only need to be shocked once, thereby improving the odds of survival.

The Lifeline VIEW is the ultimate option for ease of use. It’s the only AED on the market that offers full-motion video demonstration in high resolution. The coaching can even be adjusted depending on the user’s experience level. Real Time Protocol Selection makes it easy to toggle between compression-only CPR and compression plus rescue breathing.

The Lifeline ECG/PRO likewise offers Real Time Protocol Selection and step-by-step coaching, but it also takes things a step further and provides a non-diagnostic ECG display for heart rhythm and heart rate monitoring.

If cost is your prime concern, go with the Lifeline AED package. If ease of use is your top priority, go with the Lifeline VIEW. If you want professional-grade features suitable for emergency medical services, the Lifeline ECG/PRO is your best bet.

Decide which model is right for you, and order yours today.

Wholesale pricing available for large quantity orders. Please inquire on our wholesale page.

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