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ZOLL AED Packages – Complete AED Kits

The ZOLL medical corporation is a world leader for lifesaving medical devices, and the company’s line of automated external defibrillators is trusted by EMS professionals and everyday civilians alike.

AED Leader carries ZOLL value packages for the AED Pro and AED Plus models, two of the most trusted devices in the industry. Each value package includes the AED plus a full set of accessories.

ZOLL AED Plus Value Packages

The Zoll AED Plus value package includes the CPR-D-padz and battery plus a case, cabinet, first responder kit, and signage.

The inspection card and AED 3-way sign help you to remain in compliance, and the Club AED enrollment ensures that you’re immediately reminded when your battery or pads require replacement.

With its fully automatic programming, the AED Plus is designed to be as simple as possible. Just follow the guides on the CPR-D-padz for optimal chest placement, and let the defibrillator do the heavy lifting.

It automatically detects a shockable heart rhythm and delivers shock accordingly. It also offers real CPR help so that you can provide optimal resuscitation.

ZOLL AED Pro Value Packages

AED Leader is the only exclusively authorized online distributor of the AED Pro, and we offer a value package complete with the defibrillator, CPR-D-padz, battery, and carry case. You’ll also get a first responder kit, signage, and a wall cabinet when you purchase the package. The wall cabinet and case protect your automated external defibrillator, and the first responder kit ensures that you have the accessories—including gloves, shears, and razors—that you may need in a cardiac emergency.

The ZOLL AED Pro is renowned for its high-res LCD display, real-time CPR feedback, and military-grade construction. It guides the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions and aids the defibrillation process to ensure absolute accuracy regardless of the user’s experience level. Automatic and semi-automatic configurations are available.

Browse our ZOLL value packages, and save hundreds of dollars by bundling.

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