Philips Accessories

AED Leader is an authorized Philips distributor, offering a complete inventory of defibrillators and the parts you need to run them. Here you’ll find our full assortment of essential accessories for popular defibrillators like:

We make it easy for you to browse by model, so you can choose your device from the list and see a complete selection of compatible Philips AED batteries, pads, and more.

Philips AED Pads & Batteries

Your pads and battery are among the most important components in your Philips AED. Without them, the device is useless. But these components only last 2 to 4 years on average, and AED pads can only be used once.

In addition to closely monitoring your expiration dates, we recommend keeping extra Philips AED pads and batteries on hand for emergencies. And because standard pads aren’t suitable for the youngest patients, we also recommend purchasing a set of Philips HeartStart Pediatric Pads, especially if the AED is kept in a location where children frequently congregate.

Please refer to the product descriptions and specifications before buying. Though some of our pads and batteries are compatible with all Philips HeartStart defibrillators, others—like the Philips FR2/FR2+ Aviation Replacement Long-Life Battery—are designed for specific models and are not universally compatible.

Other Philips AED Accessories

Our accessories aren’t limited to Philips AED batteries and pads. We also offer cases, cabinets, signage, and more. If you’d like to purchase a new Philips automated external defibrillator with an assortment of accessories, be sure also to browse our Philips AED packages. They include everything you need, all bundled together for one low price.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our accessories pages, be sure to also use the search box at the top of this page. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is also available via phone and email if you need assistance.

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