Zoll Aed Plus Value Package

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What’s Included In The ZOLL AED Plus Value Package

  • New ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator
  • CPR-D Padz  (Pre-Installed) (8900-0800-01)
  • Duracell Lithium Battery Set (Pre-Installed) (8000-0807-01)
  • Soft Carry Case (8000-0802-01)
  • AED Wall Cabinet (CB2-Ln)
  • AED 3-Way Sign (Flex3DWS)
  • AED Wall Poster (QuikPoster AED)
  • AED Inspection Card (I-Tag)
  • “AED On-Site” Window Decal (AEDecal)
  • First Responder Kit
  • Club AED (Pad and Battery Expiration Reminders)

ZOLL AED Plus Device Features:

Easy-to-Place AED Pads

Affixing two separate electrode pads to a patient’s bare chest can be confusing to a lay rescuer. ZOLL’s CPR-D-padz simplify this step by guiding placement of the red crosshairs at the center of the imaginary line connecting the patient’s nipples. Once in place, the hand-locator and the two electrode pads fall naturally into optimal position for both defibrillation and CPR.

Fully-Automatic Option

The fully-automatic AED Plus is designed to make using an AED as simple as possible for a lay rescuer. If it detects a shockable heart rhythm, after a brief countdown, the AED Plus will deliver the shock automatically—no need for the rescuer to push the Shock button.

Real-Time CPR Help

The AED Plus® is the only automatic external defibrillator with Real CPR Help®, real-time CPR feedback to help rescuers save a life. Only half of all sudden cardiac arrest victims will need a shock, while 100% will need high-quality CPR. Real CPR Help guides you every step of the way, telling you—and showing you — whether you need to “Push Harder” or whether you’re providing “Good Compressions.”

Low Cost of Ownership

The AED Plus has a low total cost of ownership, especially when considering the logistics of tracking and changing pads and batteries over the life of the AED. Thanks to the long shelf-life of the consumables, when you compare the cost of maintenance over 10 years, the ZOLL AED Plus is one of the most cost-effective automatic external defibrillators to own. The AED Plus is powered by lithium batteries that last five years, and the CPR-D-padz ® electrodes last five years as well if they are not used.

Device Size & Weight

Size: (H x W x D) 5.25″x 9.50″ x 11.50″ (13.3 cm x 24.1 cm x 29.2 cm)
Weight: 6.7 lbs; 3.1 kg

Additional information

Cabinet Type

Large Cabinets
Audible Alarm (upon door opening) (add $10)
Audible Alarm & Strobe light (add $25)


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