ZOLL AED 3 Accessories

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ZOLL AED 3 Accessories

Shop the ultimate selection of accessories for ZOLL AED3 and be ready for even the most vigorous rescue scenarios. AED Leader carries everything you need to protect, store, display, and use your life-saving AED—whether you need a ZOLL AED 3 trainer, some spare battery packs, or spare CPR uni-padz. We even have carry cases and wall mounts.

Our Range of ZOLL AED 3 Accessories

Here are just a few of the essential ZOLL AED3 accessories that can be used to support an adult or child rescue (availability may vary):

  • ZOLL CPR D padz. This backup set of electrode pads ensures you’re never without pads when you need them. These same pads are compatible with the ZOLL AED Pro and ZOLL AED Plus.
  • ZOLL pedi padz II. Attenuate the shock for an infant or child by plugging in these pediatric pads. These universal pads are also compatible with the ZOLL AED Pro and ZOLL AED Plus.
  • ZOLL AED 3 carry case and shoulder strap options. Choose between a hard-plastic standard carry case and a sling-style carry case for maximum protection while you rush the ZOLL AED 3 to a patient’s side.
  • ZOLL AED 3 trainer. Train students in proper AED use with this AED trainer.
  • ZOLL® simulator. Conduct unit testing and operator training on the ZOLL AED 3, ZOLL AED Pro, and ZOLL AED Plus with this plug-in cardiac rhythm simulator.
  • ZOLL AED Pro non-rechargeable lithium battery. This spare battery has an installed life of up to five years on stand-by mode.
  • ZOLL battery case. Keep your spare battery safe with this purpose-made carry case.
  • ZOLL wall and car mounting brackets. Mount your ZOLL AED securely to the wall with these mounting brackets.
  • ZOLL AED3 user manual. Make sure you always have the manufacturer’s information and instructions on hand.

Buy ZOLL AED 3 Accessories at AED Leader

AED Leader is an official ZOLL distributor, so you can buy these ZOLL AED3 accessories with the utmost confidence and assurance. If you can’t find the accessories you need, reach out to our friendly customer service representatives, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Order your ZOLL AED accessories today, and enjoy free shipping on orders $99 and above.