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Premium Compact AED Cabinet with Alarm

Premium Compact AED Cabinet with Alarm

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The Cubix CB1-S is a premium small AED cabinet. It features rounded corners for a sleek aesthetic and is fabricated from durable cold-rolled steel. Full-body welding and a high-gloss powder-coat finish further reinforce why this is one of the best defibrillator cabinets available.

The large window ensures that your automated external defibrillator is always visible from the outside. If the defibrillator is equipped with readiness indicators or visible warning alerts, you’ll be able to see them at a moment’s notice without opening the cabinet.

Best Small AED Cabinet With Alarm

This defibrillator cabinet contains an alarm that sounds whenever the door opens, thereby alerting everyone in the area of a possible cardiac emergency or deterring would-be thieves. Bold exterior decals additionally alert passersby that a defibrillator is present and that the cabinet is armed.

The alarm is loud with a range of 80-120 dB, and it can easily be activated or deactivated with the provided key. The included 9-volt alkaline battery is good for about two years and is easy to replace.

This AED Cabinet Can House the Following Defibrillators

This Cubix AED cabinet weighs just 10 pounds and measures 14″L x 11 5/8″H x 6″W. It’s compatible with all compact-sized automated external defibrillators, including popular models like:

Verify your AED device’s dimensions before purchasing. Some larger defibrillators will require a larger standard-sized AED cabinet. Check out our AED cabinet dimensions guide for more info.

If you need both an AED and a cabinet, we recommend purchasing an AED package. Each of our value packages includes an automated external defibrillator, a cabinet, a carry case, an assortment of AED signage, and other defibrillator essentials—all for just a few dollars more than a stand-alone defibrillator device.

Buy The Compact Cubix Safety AED Cabinet

CB1-S is one of the most cost-effective and smallest AED cabinets on the market, but it still offers all the ruggedness you need coupled with easy installation and advanced features. Order this AED box with alarm, and get our one-year low-price guarantee plus free shipping.


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