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Fully Recessed AED Cabinet

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Free Standard Ground Shipping with the Purchase of Any AED.


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This fully recessed AED cabinet is sleek, secure, and designed to save space. The recessed design allows for easy installation within a wall opening, and the spacious interior provides ample room for your AED and accessories.

A Fully Recessed Cabinet With Rugged Steel Construction

This cabinet is made from corrosive-resistant galvanized steel. The material is also rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and moisture-resistant. The stainless-steel hinge and chrome-plated handle ensure that every inch of this cabinet is uniform in design and built to last.

Striking Appearance in Any Environment

The white powder coating provides this cabinet with a soft, attractive aesthetic that blends into any environment. The extra-large window ensures total visibility of the AED and its readiness status, and the bold “Emergency Defibrillator” decal ensures easy detection among passersby in an emergency.

Audible Alarm to Protect Your Investment

This fully recessed AED cabinet features a built-in alarm that sounds whenever the door is opened, allowing for maximum theft deterrence and prevention. The cabinet can also be tied into a central security system for additional protection and reassurance.

Quality You Can Count On

This defibrillator cabinet is ADA-compliant, UL-classified, and equipped with specially designed FSB brackets that accommodate fire-rated type X sheetrock. It can be safely installed on a variety of surfaces including wood and drywall.

This Fully Recessed AED Cabinet Fits Most Defibrillators

This cabinet is compatible with most major, FDA-approved defibrillators, including those manufactured by Philips, ZOLL, HeartSine, Defibtech, Stryker, and Cardiac Science. Depending on the size of the AED, the cabinet may have ample room remaining for electrode pads and other accessories.

Complete Specs for This Cabinet

This fully recessed AED cabinet measures 17.5″H x 17.5″W x 6″D. The rough wall opening is 15″L x 15″H x 6″D. Be sure to check the measurements of your AED before purchasing.

Order This Fully Recessed AED Cabinet

This rugged AED cabinet is suitable for schools, churches, gyms, office buildings, hotels, and other environments in need of lifesaving equipment. If you’re not looking for a recessed AED cabinet, semi-recessed and surface-mount options are also available.

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