ZOLL Replacement CPR•D•Padz

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The ZOLL CPR-D-padz® are a one-piece defibrillation and CPR system with compression depth and rate sensors. CPR-D-padz are manufactured with a five-year shelf life. An adaptive metronome helps the rescuer with the proper rate as the unit converts data from the CPR-D-Padz into actionable insights and guidance.

This technology is integrated into the ZOLL AED Plus & Pro electrode pads (CPR-D-Padz) to help you:

o   Quickly and properly place the electrode pads

o   Identify easily where to begin chest compressions

o   Understand if you’re going too fast, too slow, and deep enough while performing CPR

Package includes:

o   CPR-D-padz defibrillator electrodes

o   Gloves

o   Barrier mask

o   Scissors

o   Razor

o   Wet wipe

o   Dry wipe

o   Up to five (5) year shelf-life”

How to Change Pads on the ZOLL AED Plus


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