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Defibtech View AED Pads

Defibtech View AED Pads

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Get the original Defibtech Lifeline View DDP-2001 electrode pads and be prepared for any sudden cardiac emergency. These adult, single-use AED pads are individually packaged and designed with easy-to-follow visual diagrams so a lay responder can respond like an emergency professional.

These pads are compatible with the following Lifeline models:

Defibtech View AED Replacement Pads

Easy-to-Install Lifeline AED Pads

To replace your Defibtech pads, simply remove the old pads from their compartment on the back of the device, and unplug the pads adapter from its port. Then slide the new pads into the compartment with the expiration date facing outward, and insert the connector into its slot. Look for the green flashing light on the display to confirm a successful connection.

These AED Pads Are Designed for Most Cardiac Arrest Patients

These are adult pads, meaning that they’re suitable for use on cardiac arrest patients who are over 8 years of age and 55 pounds. For smaller, younger patients, you’ll want to purchase a set of child pads like the Defibtech View Pediatric Pads DDP-2002. They install just as easily as the adult models, but they use less electrical energy on smaller patients.

Lifeline Replacement Pads Are Simple to Use

Simply expose the patient’s bare chest, tear open the packaging, remove the liner from each pad, and apply the electrodes firmly to the patient’s chest according to the visual diagram on each pad. Your Defibtech AED will coach you through the rest of the defibrillation process.

Original DDP-2001 Pads Are Intuitive and Sophisticated

These electrodes don’t just deliver shocks. They allow the AED to analyze the patient’s cardiovascular activity and assess ECG activity to determine whether a shockable rhythm is present. A shock is only administered or advised if the device detects a shockable rhythm.

Order Defibtech Lifeline Replacement Pads

These disposable, self-adhesive pads are available from AED Leader, an authorized Defibtech distributor. We recommend always keeping at least one spare set on hand in the event that your primary pads fail or require replacement. Order today.

How to Change the Defibtech Lifeline AED Replacement Pads


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