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ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2

ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2

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The ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2 looks and functions just like the real defibrillator, but it’s designed as an effective training tool. Employers, emergency services professionals, CPR coaches, and other instructors can simulate realistic rescue scenarios and provide expert-level CPR/AED training.

What’s Included:

  • Wireless Remote
  • 1 Set of CPR-D training pads
  • 6 C-cell batteries
  • Operator manual
  • Administration guide
  • 1-year factory warranty

We also carry replacement training electrodes, which you can order as needed. The pads are identical to the real CPR-D-padz used in lifesaving operations.

ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2 Improves On the Original Design

This AED trainer features several distinct improvements over the original ZOLL AED Plus Trainer.

  • A wireless remote allows the instructor to toggle between different rescue scenarios
  • Students can experience more realistic feedback with the Real CPR Help feature
  • A “Pause” feature allows the instructor to stop the action at any point and provide additional guidance

The trainer conforms to the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) resuscitation guidelines. This product is as realistic as it gets.

Trainer 2 Features

This AED trainer comes pre-programmed with four unique rescue scenarios. Instructors can also put the device into manual mode and customize responses in real time.

Training can be modified for adult and pediatric patients; highlight the important distinctions between standard and child defibrillation (pediatric training pads sold separately).

Give your students the best, most realistic training available. Order the ZOLL AED Plus Trainer 2 from AED Leader, and get free shipping coupled with our one-year-low-price guarantee.

Wholesale pricing available for large quantity orders. Please inquire on our wholesale page.

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