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Philips HeartStart Battery M5070A

Philips HeartStart Battery M5070A

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The Philips HeartStart battery (model number M5070A) has an operating time of 4 hours or a minimum of 200 shocks. The shelf-life of this battery is five years, and it is guaranteed to last four years from the time of installation.

This HeartStart battery is compatible with:

The HeartStart AEDs indicate when the battery is low by using both an audio alert (a chirp) and a visual alert (a flashing i button). Once the new battery has been installed, the AED will stop chirping and the indicator light will start blinking green again.

How to Replace the Philips HeartStart M5070A Battery

To replace the Philips HeartStart battery on your OnSite or FRx device, simply remove the expired battery from the back of the device and insert the new battery with the arrows pointing down. The device should then emit a beep and perform an audible self-test. Follow the voice prompts to complete the self-test. You’ll know the process is complete when the AED says “Ready for use.”

Most importantly, be sure to note the expiration date on the new battery. We recommend signing up for AED program management so that you can easily update your Philips HeartStart battery information and track all relevant inspection and expiration dates.

Order the M5070A Philips AED Battery

If your Philips AED is notifying you of an impending expiration or you know that your existing battery is nearing four years old, now is the time to replace.

AED Leader is the industry’s trusted authority for defibrillators and AED replacement parts. We offer a complete moneyback guarantee and the guaranteed lowest price for a year, and this Philips HeartStart battery qualifies for free shipping. Order yours today.

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