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AED On-Site Decal
AED Inspection Tag (5-Pack)
Philips AED Wall Sign (Red)
Cubix Safety Transforming Wall Sign
Philips Awareness Sign Placard (Red)
AED Wall Poster
AED Leader carries an assortment of signage that makes your defibrillator easier to locate and—in many cases—easier to operate. We carry brand-specific signs as well as universal signs that can be posted on walls, on windows, and near AED cabinets.

Benefits of AED Signs

Proper AED signage alerts passersby that life-saving equipment is available. It notifies employees, faculty, or emergency services professionals of where they can find an AED from a distance. Signage may even be legally required for AED compliance according to your state or local laws. Some signage can even provide invaluable assistance during a cardiac emergency. AED wall posters provide step-by-step CPR and defibrillation instructions that a minimally trained layperson can follow. AED inspection tags allow the user to determine when the device was last inspected and whether there are any missed or impending expiration dates.

Types of AED Signs

Here you can find a complete selection of AED signs, including:
  • AED On-Site Decals
  • AED Inspection Tags
  • 3-D Wall Signs
  • AED Wall Posters
Purchase a full set of signs to remain in compliance and ensure that your AED program is complete. If you’re also in the market for a new automated external defibrillator, consider purchasing an AED value package to get the device and all of your necessary signage—along with a case, cabinet, and other great accessories—for one low price. Order your signs today.