AED Wall Signs

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AED wall signs alert people nearby that lifesaving equipment is available. AED Leader carries a complete selection of signs to help you remain compliant and prepared.

Types of AED Wall Signs

3D Wall Signs: Our inventory includes brightly colored 3D wall signs that can be mounted above an AED cabinet. Some of these signs include adhesive pads for quick and easy mounting, and most are extremely versatile. For example, many of our 3D signs allow you to choose between three different mounting options (T-mount, V-Mount, or Corner Mount) to achieve the best fit for your space.

Placards: AED placards contain easy-to-follow graphics that provide important lifesaving information at a glance. They’re ideal for businesses and public facilities where untrained members of the general public may be required to respond to a cardiac emergency.

Other Signage: In addition to our standard wall signs, we also carry posters, decals, and other wall-mounted essentials that serve as both alerts and educational tools.

Who Needs AED Wall Signs?

If you have an automated external defibrillator stored in any public area, wall signage should be a top priority—in some places, it may even be a legal requirement.

For example, New York requires AED signage to be posted at the entrance of any public building where an automated external defibrillator is present.

Under Pennsylvania Statutes, 73 P. S. § 2174, at least one sign must be posted “in plain view by each automated external defibrillator.”

Laws vary from state to state, but regardless of where you reside, AED wall signs are always a worthwhile investment. Help save lives. Order wall signs today from AED Leader.

Wholesale pricing available for large quantity orders. Please inquire on our wholesale page.