Buy AED in USA

How to Buy an AED in USA

Buying an AED in the USA is simple and quick, but a lot of people are afraid to buy because they think that there’s a lot of red tape involved—or that laypeople are prohibited from buying defibrillators in the first place. Yes, you do need a prescription, but the AEDs all come with an initial Rx provided through the manufacturer.

American residents and organizations can get a portable defibrillator from AED Leader in four easy steps:

1. Browse our AED Models Online

AED Leader carries the top defibrillators from all six FDA-approved manufacturers. Click on the “AED brands” tab to select a brand, and then click on a model to view each AED’s specifications and price. If you need help selecting, get in touch with a team member or try one of our top models, like the industry-leading: 

2. Pay for Your AED

On the product page of your chosen defibrillator, click on “Add to Cart” and select the “AED Total Solution” option (additional fee applies). Then proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. AED Total Solution is our program management option; we take care of the prescription, physician’s oversight, and other compliance requirements on your behalf. All you have to do is wait for your AED to arrive in the mail. Please note that we only ship to physical addresses and not to PO boxes. 

3. Receive Your AED

Packages are dispatched two days after payment and are shipped via UPS with tracking. We make every effort to get your AED to your door as quickly as possible!

4. Keep Your AED Up to Date

Once you have purchased a defibrillator, you will need to replace the electrode pads and batteries at a specified interval. Read the user manual thoroughly to find out how often the parts need to be replaced and set reminders to place a reorder. As part of your purchase, we will also send you reminders before your pads and battery expire with Club AED. If you opt for AED Total Solution, we’ll send you automatic reminders when your components are nearing their expiration dates. So even if you forget, you’re still covered. 

Buying an AED Today Could Save a Life Tomorrow!

Defibrillation can triple a victim’s chances of survival if applied within minutes of collapse and combined with high-quality CPR. Moreover, most of our defibrillators are easy for even untrained lay rescuers to use. Want to be prepared for cardiac arrest? Order an AED in the USA and be ready to save a life today!