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5 Essential Philips AED Supplies

5 Essential Philips AED Supplies

Philips AED Supplies

If you’ve purchased a Philips AED, you’ve made an excellent choice. Philips defibrillators are among the most powerful, intuitive, and technologically advanced AEDs available. Now you just have to find the right accessories to ensure that your device is 100% emergency-ready. Make sure that you have all of these essential Philips AED supplies on hand for an emergency.

1. Extra Pads and Batteries

Always keep an extra set of pads among your Philips AED supplies. Defibrillator pads can fail when you need them most. For example, if the patient is sweating profusely or has a hairy chest, your first set of pads may not adhere properly. Having a second pair ensures that you’re always prepared.

For batteries and pads alike, it’s important not to wait until you’re nearing the expiration date to replace. Make your purchase a few months in advance—not so early that you offset the shelf life of the product, but early enough that you can be certain you’ll have no downtime when your current Philips supplies expire.

Is there a chance you might need to use the defibrillator on a child? You’ll also want to stock up on pediatric pads if your device requires them. For instance, the Philips HeartStart OnSite requires Philips HeartStart Pediatric Pads for child use.

Note that Philips SMART pads typically have a shelf life of 2 years. Most Philips batteries are guaranteed for 4 years and have a shelf life of 5 years.

2. An AED Trainer

If you’ve purchased the defibrillator for a business or public facility, or if you’re training students in a clinical or instructional environment, you should consider investing in a Philips AED trainer.

A trainer is a device that looks and functions just like the real defibrillator, but it delivers no live electricity. Instead, it simulates various pre-programmed and user-customized rescue scenarios. It makes training safe, simple, and fun. There’s a Philips OnSite trainer and a Philips FRx trainer, and there are trainers for other popular models as well.

Alternatively, you can purchase a special set of training pads that turns your live AED into a training device. Training pads are available for a range of Philips devices including the OnSite, FRx, and FR3.

3. A Hard Case

An AED hard case is designed for the most rugged conditions. Philips hard cases are equipped with weatherproof housing and are perfectly fitted to prevent jostling of the device. They even have die-cut inserts for your pads, battery, and other essential Philips supplies.

A hard case is especially beneficial if you need to operate your AED outdoors or travel long distances in an emergency—such as across a large school campus or shopping facility. And although Philips AEDs are designed to withstand drops, vibrations, and moisture, it’s always good to have an extra level of protection.

4. A Philips AED Cabinet

Every publicly accessible AED needs a cabinet. But should you save money on a standard all-purpose cabinet, or should you spend a bit extra on an officially licensed Philips AED cabinet?

As long as the device fits, it’s a trivial matter. However, when you opt for an official Philips cabinet, you can be certain that your device is secured in a compartment specifically designed for it. Philips cabinets also have premium security features that some generic cabinets don’t, like a built-in alarm and strobe light.

5. AED Signage

AED signage alerts people to the device’s presence. It’s just one more visibility and safety measure. It’s also mandated in some places.

For example, in New York, AED signs must be posted at the main entrance of any public facility where defibrillators are housed. In California, public building owners are required to post not just signs but also written instructions in at least a 14-point font. Pennsylvania and Oregon have similarly stringent signage requirements.

But whether or not signs are required, they’re just a good idea to have alongside your Philips AED.

Other Recommended Philips AED Supplies

In addition to the Philips AED accessories above, you’ll want to ensure that you have an AED manual, a first aid kit, and any accessories that are specific to your Philips model. For example, the Philips HeartStart FRx is equipped with an Infant/Child Key that allows you to switch effortlessly between adult and pediatric use. You may want to keep an extra on hand in case you lose your primary key.

If you haven’t yet purchased your defibrillator, we recommend saving yourself a lot of time and money by purchasing a Philips AED value package. While it won’t include every Philips accessory you need, it will provide you with the device, the cabinet, the signage, the first responder kit, and other essential supplies for a fraction of what you’d pay when purchasing them separately.

However you decide to proceed, just make sure you have everything you need to respond to an emergency. You may just save a life one day.

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