ZOLL Stat Padz II

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Order a new set of ZOLL Stat Padz II electrodes for your ZOLL AED Plus or ZOLL AED Pro defibrillator. Easy to install and operate, these multi-function electrodes are designed to go to work quickly and help save lives.

Stat-Padz Just Got Better

These electrodes have all the characteristic features of the original Stat-padz, but they’ve been upgraded for greater simplicity and efficiency. The specially designed Preconnect™ system allows for faster and more fluid communication with the AED, while the Speed Pack™ design reduces cord tangles. Just remove the packaging and attach the connector, and you’re ready to go.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

Each pad contains a clear, anatomically correct diagram. This makes it easier than ever to determine the proper placement on the apex and sternum. Each pad is a different shape (round and rectangular), so you can follow the diagrams and instantly determine where each pad is to be placed.

Easy on the Skin

The ZOLL Stat-padz II electrodes feature an improved HVP polymer gel that enhances lateral conductivity. It’s safe and gentle on skin, but it still adheres firmly to ensure optimal treatment during a cardiac emergency. Energy is distributed evenly across the surface of each pad, reducing edge effect.

Perfect for Users Trained in CPR

ZOLL Stat-padz II electrode pads are not compatible with the device’s CPR feedback features. They’re ideal for experienced users who wish to bypass the Real CPR Help and take full control of their lifesaving procedures. For users who wish to benefit from Real CPR Help, we recommend the CPR-d-padz.

Medical Professionals Love ZOLL Stat-Padz II

These pads are compatible with professional-grade defibrillators used by EMS professionals. When medics arrive, they can disconnect the pads from your AED and connect them to a ZOLL, E, ZOLL M, or ZOLL R Series defibrillator to complete their life-saving assessment and resuscitation.

Order Today

AED Leader is an authorized ZOLL distributor, and we offer Stat-padz II electrode pads in individual sets as well as convenient 12-packs. These pads are designed for use on patients over 8 years of age and over 55 pounds. Order yours today.

Wholesale pricing available for large quantity orders. Please inquire on our wholesale page.

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