ZOLL Pedi Padz II (Infant & Child)

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Order ZOLL pediatric pads, designed for the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro AEDs. These electrode pads have a 2-year shelf life and are designed for use on children under 8 years old and under 55 pounds (25kg). They’re suitable for use on infants.

ZOLL Pedi Padz II for Use on a Child

When you connect the ZOLL Pedi Padz II to a compatible AED, the device automatically modifies its operations for pediatric use. The default energy settings are reduced to 50 J, 70 J, and 85 J.

The customized ECG analysis is tailored for pediatric patients, ensuring greater accuracy in heart rhythm assessments and the optimal level of shock when required. When the pads are installed, the device’s voice and text prompts notify you that you’re using pediatric pads, so you can always be sure you’re using the right electrodes for the job. The CPR and defibrillation coaching are also optimized for young patients.

Easy to Replace Pediatric Pads

To install the ZOLL pediatric pads, simply remove the standard adult pads by disconnecting the adapter. Then plug in the adapter for the Pedi Padz and verify your success by observing the green readiness light on the front of the AED. Make sure also to note the pads’ expiration date, which you’ll find on a fluorescent yellow tag on the packaging.

Once the pads are installed, simply turn on the AED and follow the audible and text coaching to complete the external defibrillation and CPR. Each pad contains an anatomical diagram showing you exactly where to place the electrode. One should be placed on the center of the child’s chest and the other on the center of the child’s back.

How to Change Pads on the ZOLL AED Plus

Order the ZOLL Pedi Padz II

Like all ZOLL AED pads, the Pedi Padz come with their own first responder kit, so you’ll have everything you need to perform emergency procedures if a child falls victim to sudden cardiac arrest.

We recommend always keeping a spare set of pediatric pads on hand in case of multiple emergencies within a short timeframe.

Order your ZOLL Pedi Padz II today.

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