ZOLL AED Pro Package

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Our ZOLL AED Pro package is the perfect comprehensive kit that includes the popular AED Pro defibrillator model and all the accessories you need to be prepared for cardiac arrest emergencies.

What’s Included:

  • New ZOLL AED Pro
  • Carry Case
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • User Manual
  • Pads & Battery (Pre-Installed)
  • AED Wall Cabinet
  • First Responder Kit*
  • AED 3-Way Sign
  • AED Wall Poster
  • AED Inspection Card (I-Tag)
  • “AED On-Site” Window Decal (AEDecal)
  • Club AED (Pad and Battery Expiration Reminders)
  • Free Shipping

*The First Responder Kit includes all of the first-aid essentials required in a cardiac emergency. Two towelettes, scissors, a razor, a pair of nitrile gloves, and a pocket CPR mask are all contained within a zippered nylon pouch.

ZOLL AED Pro Device Features:

The ZOLL AED Pro package is designed to handle the toughest environments for professional rescuers, but is also gentle enough for the lay rescuer. It provides high resolution LCD display, instant feedback on rate and depth of CPR chest compressions with both visual and optional audible cues, resistance to dust, high pressure, and direct water spray, and is available in the semi-automatic or fully-automatic + manual override configurations.  AED Leader is the only exclusively AUTHORIZED online distributor of the ZOLL AED Pro.

Alternate Part Numbers: 90110200499991010, 90110600499991010

If you’re interested in a package featuring another model by Zoll, check out our Zoll AED Packages page.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 19 in


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