LIFEPAK CR Plus Battery and Pads Replacement Kit 11403-000002 (1 Set)

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This complete kit includes everything you need to keep your Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED operational at a moment’s notice. This package contains the replacement battery, pads, and a battery discharger all bundled together. Pads and batteries in Lifepak defibrillators must be replaced at the same time, and this kit ensures that you have everything you need when the day comes.

LIFEPAK CR Plus Battery & Pads Specifications

This Physio-Control kit 11403-000002 is equipped with 2 QUIK-PAK™ pads and a Charge-Pak battery, both of which last 2 years from the time of manufacture. Also included is a convenient LIFEPAK battery discharger that makes it easier for you to dispose of the Charge-Pak when a replacement is required. A set of detailed replacement instructions provides all the information you need for the installation and removal of your components.

Lifepak CR Plus Pads

If the LIFEPAK pads are used in an emergency before the expiration date, both the pads and battery need to be replaced. AED pads are only designed to be used once and must then be disposed of. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a spare kit on hand at all times. In addition, if your current AED components are nearing their expiration date, purchase the Physio Control replacement kit (11403-000002) right away.

The QUICK-PAK™ pads are designed for use on patients over 8 years old and 55 pounds. For pediatric patients, we recommend purchasing LIFEPAK Infant-Child AED pads. They use 25% of the shock of adult-sized pads and are more suitable for small children. Adult pads should only be used on small children in an emergency if no pediatric pads are available.

How to Use the LIFEPAK Battery & Pads Kit

The CR Plus replacement battery & pads are easy to install. The pads are attached to an adapter that connects to the Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus or Physio-Control LIFEPAK Express AED. The battery compartment on each AED is spring-loaded, so your old battery slides out at the push of a button.

The discharger is used to drain any remaining juice from your old battery, making it safe for recycling. Simply attach the discharger to the battery, and then remove it when the battery is fully depleted. This should take about 9 days.

Order your Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AND Express AED Battery and Pads Kit today, and be prepared in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Alternate Part Numbers

3201616-003, 3202176-003, 3200727-002, 3201616-001

How to Replace the Pads On Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus AED Device

How to Replace the Battery On Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus AED Device

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