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Philips HeartStart pediatric pads (model number M5072A) are designed for the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED and are suitable for use on children and infants under 8 years old and under 55 pounds (25kg). These SMART pads are good for two years, and they’re easy to identify in an emergency thanks to the visible child illustration and teddy bear logo on each pad.

Why Use the Philips M5072A Pads?

The Philips OnSite defibrillator typically shocks cardiac arrest patients at 150 Joules (J), but this dosage is too high for a pediatric patient. When the child pads are installed, the defibrillator knows to reduce the energy level to just 50 J, which is more child-appropriate.

If no child pads are available in an emergency, you can use your standard HeartStart OnSite AED pads. However, these child pads are the safest electrode pads to use on a pediatric victim, which is why we recommend having a set on hand at all times.

How to Use Philips M5072A Pads

To remove the casing from the pad, pull down on the handle. Each of these SMART pads includes a convenient diagram illustrating the appropriate pad placement. Simply remove any clothing from the child’s upper body and place the pads on the bare skin: one on the center of the chest, and one on the center of the back. This is important as the pads must never touch.

Once the AED is turned on and the pads are applied, the defibrillator will immediately assess the child’s heart rhythm and provide you with audible instructions for how to proceed. If the AED detects a shockable rhythm, you will be instructed to press the orange “Shock” button and stand clear. Only press the button if instructed to do so.

Order your Philips HeartStart Pediatric Pads today and be ready to save a child’s life.


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