Philips Heartstart Frx AED (Pre-Owned)

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In stock



What’s Included:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • AED Pads
  • 4-Year Battery
  • AED Carry Case
  • First Responder Kit

CPR assistance

Just press the blue i-button for assistance with CPR, and Life Guidance provides instructions and audio cues for the appropriate number, rate, and depth of chest compressions, as well as for each breath. If the Infant/Child Key is inserted, the instructions adapt to CPR instructions that are appropriate for an infant or child.

Defibrillation guidance

To deliver a shock, simply place the pads on bare skin where indicated by the placement diagram, and press the orange Shock button when prompted. Flashing icons and a quick reference guide augment the voice instructions, so you’ll know what to do even in a noisy setting.

EMS hand-off

The FRx even reminds you to be sure that emergency medical services (EMS) has been called. And once EMS arrives, hand-off is fast and easy because the FRx pads are compatible with advanced defibrillators from Philips and other manufacturers. Special adapters allow our pads to be plugged into advanced care devices to provide continuity of care.

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