Philips FR/FR2/FR2+ Replacement Adult Electrode Pads

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These Philips HeartStart replacement pads are designed for the FR2 and FR2+ AED models, and they’re also compatible with older Philips HeartStart ForeRunner AEDs.

They’re clearly labeled and diagrammed for the lay user, and they’re designed for use on cardiac patients 8 years old and older weighing more than 55 pounds. If you need pads designed for small children and infants, please purchase Philips FR2/FR2+ Infant Child Electrode Pads.

Our Philips FR2 pads are available for immediate shipping, and they qualify for our complete money-back guarantee.

About These Philips FR2 Pads

These HeartStart FR2 pads are disposable and self-adhesive. Just remove the packaging from each pad and place it firmly on the patient’s chest according to the provided illustration. The FR2 AED will then be able to assess the patient’s heart and administer shocks if a shockable rhythm is found.

Each pad has an active surface area of 100 square centimeters and is attached to a 48-inch-long cable adapter. Attach the connector to the corresponding slot on the AED for immediate defibrillation access.

It’s important to always keep spare pads on hand for an emergency, as AED electrodes have a limited shelf life and can only be used once. In addition to these individual sets, we also carry 5-packs of Philips FR2 AED Pads, so you can have a surplus supply ready at all times.

Order your replacement HeartStart FR2 pads from AED Leader. We’re an authorized Philips distributor and a trusted source for automated external defibrillators and accessories.

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