Philips M3863A Battery for FR2/FR2+ (AVIATION Replacement Battery)

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This Philips FR2 battery is specially designed for use on an aircraft. It’s compatible with both the Philips HeartStart FR2 and FR2+ automated external defibrillators, and it lasts longer than most AED batteries on the market. Purchase yours today from AED Leader and get free shipping.

The M3863A Battery Is Safe for High Altitudes

This Philips FR2 battery is labeled with the FAA-required Technical Service Order (TSO) C-142 designation, confirming that it meets FAA performance standards for lithium cells and batteries. It’s suitable for commercial aircraft, private planes, and helicopters. You’ll never have to worry about your AED’s performance suffering at high altitudes.

This Philips M3863A Battery Is Easy to Install

Installation of this Philips FR2 battery requires no programming or configuration. Simply remove the standard battery from the device and install this aviation battery in its place. The device will automatically turn on and perform a self-test to confirm readiness. Check the status indicator on the upper-right corner of your device to confirm a successful installation.

Philips FR2 Replacement Battery Has a Long Shelf Life

This disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery has an estimated shelf life of five years and comes with a 4-year factory warranty. As long as it’s installed by the shelf-life date printed on the battery, your M3863A battery should last a minimum of four years. If your existing battery is nearing its expiration, purchase a replacement right away.

This Is a Genuine Philips Component

Accept no substitutes. This is an authentic Philips FR2 battery created and backed by the AED’s manufacturer. As an authorized distributor of Philips AEDs, we’re offering this long-lasting aviation battery at the guaranteed lowest price and backing it with a 100% money-back guarantee. Order yours today.


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