Physio Control LIFEPAK Adult Pads

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This package includes one set of Physio-Control LIFEPAK electrode pads (model 11996-000017). They’re compatible with:

  • LIFEPAK 12
  • LIFEPAK 15
  • LIFEPAK 20
  • LIFEPAK 500
  • LIFEPAK 1000

Use them to replace your expiring pads, or keep them as a cost-effective backup set in the event that your primary pads fail. AED pads may fail to adhere properly in rare instances (such as if the patient is sweating profusely), so it’s always important to have at least one backup set available.

Easy-to-Use Physio-Control Pads

Just plug the connector into your AED, remove the packaging, and use the guide on each pad to determine optimal chest placement. Your automated external defibrillator will coach you through the rest of the process. These are perfect for the lay responder.

Sophisticated Design for Quick Operation

The REDI-PAK pre-connect system allows you to connect your adapter straight to the AED before removing the package seal. This allows the device to start registering the pads immediately, saving you precious time in an emergency.

Effective AED Pads Designed for Adult Use

These adult pads are suitable for patients ages 8 and up, and weighing 55 pounds or more. They’re comparable to the original pads that come standard with the defibrillator. We also carry LIFEPAK Infant-Child AED Pads so you can keep a pediatric set on hand as well.

Order these pads from AED Leader, the industry authority for automated external defibrillators and accessories. We’re an authorized Stryker and Physio-Control distributor, and our one-year low-price guarantee ensures that you’ll never find a better price.

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