Philips FRx Aviation Battery (TSO C-142)

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Stay In Compliance. Replace your pads prior to expiration.
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Order the official Philips FRx aviation battery, designed for use with personal and commercial aircraft. It’s designed for the Philips FRx, a versatile AED that anybody can use. Get your aviation battery from AED Leader, an authorized Philips distributor.

TSO C-142 Compliant for Aircraft Use

The battery complies with the FAA’s TSO-C142 technical standard and is approved for use at high elevations. Do not keep a standard FRx battery in your aircraft AED. The reduced oxygen at high altitudes may prematurely degrade the battery.

This OEM battery is factory-authorized, so you can install it with confidence. Never use third-party batteries in your AED, as this may pose significant health and performance risks.

A Long-Lasting Philips FRx Aviation Battery

The disposable, lithium manganese dioxide battery has an industry-leading five-year shelf life plus an average four-year standby life. It provides a full 200 shocks or 4 hours of operation. Each battery comes with a printed install-by date on the label. You must install your battery before that date to ensure the maximum life and performance.

Order Your Aircraft AED Battery Today

The FAA requires AEDs to be present on all airplanes with a maximum payload capacity exceeding 7,500 pounds. But even if you’re not required to have one, we recommend keeping a TSO C-142 compliant defibrillator on all passenger aircraft. Just make sure to have the right battery installed.

AED Leader is offering free shipping on this long-lasting battery. Order yours today, and take to the skies with greater peace of mind.

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