CR Plus/EXPRESS AED Battery & Pads (2 Sets)

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For use with the LIFEPAK CR Plus and LIFEPAK EXPRESS AED.  The Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a fully automatic AED that requires only two steps to use. AED brands carries this easy to use AED as well as an extra CR Plus AED Battery & Pads. The set includes two sets of adult pads and one battery charger. Also included is a discharger for safe disposal of a used CHARGE-PAK. Having an extra CR Plus AED battery and pads on hand is necessary for your AED program. AED pads, just like AED batteries, have a finite shelf life and eventually expire. Therefore, keep your AED program in compliance and conduct regular maintenance inspections on all your CR Plus AED components and keep back up batteries and AED pads on hand. 350,000 – 400,000 Americans will suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) this year, and most of them will die if an AED is not nearby and not used within 3 – 5 minutes. Do not let this happen in your place of business, learning, entertainment or worship. Ensure that an AED program is in place and that all the necessary AED components are in place.


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