Cardiac Science Powerheart® AED G3 Pro Rechargeable Battery

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This rechargeable battery is compatible with the Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Pro. While a standard non-rechargeable battery can last around 2 years, a high-use environment can put added strain on this component and greatly diminish the lifespan. That means you’re buying batteries far more often than you should be.

This G3 Pro rechargeable battery can save you money by keeping your defibrillator operational for longer, even with frequent use. Purchase it if your current battery is about to expire or if you simply want to replace your existing battery with a longer-lasting, hassle-free alternative.

The battery snaps right into the battery compartment at the bottom of the AED, so it can be inserted and removed effortlessly between charges. No tools are required, and no other components need to be removed beforehand. As soon as you replace your battery, your device will run an automatic self-check to confirm that the power source is connected and charged.

Why Order This Cardiac Science Rechargeable Battery?

Rechargeable batteries like this one are commonly used by medical professionals who rely on their defibrillators extensively. This battery is suitable for patient monitoring, and it works well in a hospital environment or ambulance.

Your AED will alert you when the battery is running low and requires a recharge. To prevent any disruptions to your automated external defibrillator function, we recommend keeping two of these batteries at all times: one in the AED, and the other one charging. The compatible Charging Unit Part #9044-001 is sold separately.

As an authorized Cardiac Science distributor, AED Leader has the devices and parts you need in stock and available at the lowest prices. Order your Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Pro Rechargeable Battery today, and get free shipping on us.

Alternate Part Number: 9144-101

Please Note: Charging Unit Part #9044-001 not included.


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