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Marathon Runner Suffered Cardiac Arrest, Was Saved by Heart Surgeon Who Saw Him Collapse: ‘What Are the Odds?’

Marathon Runner in Cardiac Arrest Saved by a Heart Surgeon Leaving Brunch

Tuan Pham suffered a cardiac arrest while participating in the 39th Long Beach Half Marathon on Sunday 15 October. Just then, heart surgeon Dr. Ryan Chiu happened to be walking out of a restaurant and saw him collapse. Dr. Chiu started CPR immediately and called Long Beach Memorial to assemble a team for cardiac surgery. It was discovered that Pham had advanced coronary artery disease and the team performed triple bypass surgery. Pham woke up with no idea about what had happened. He didn’t know he had heart disease. Pham encourages people with a family history of heart disease to see a doctor and get checked, even if they lead a healthy lifestyle.

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