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Using AEDs

What to Do Immediately After Using an AED

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) dramatically increase survival rates from cardiac arrest, but which action should you take immediately after providing an AED shock? Knowing what to do after using an AED is not only essential for ensuring the best outcome for the victim. It’s also important for: Ensuring that emergency rescuers can provide the best …

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AED Pad Placement Guide

Placing AED pads correctly is essential for ensuring that the defibrillator works properly and preventing undue harm to the patient. The correct placement varies between children and adults, though, and there are some unique situations where the general rules don’t apply. Adult Pad Placement Older adults are the group most likely to suffer from cardiac …

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How Does a Defibrillator Work?

Defibrillators are instrumental in preventing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) deaths, but how do they actually work? Though different types of defibrillators have different mechanisms behind them, they all operate on the same basic principle: using controlled electric shocks to prevent cardiac arrest or to restart a heart that no longer beats. How Does a Defibrillator …

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